Exhibition dates: Jan 19 – Feb 7, 2022

Official opening: Sun Jan 23, 2022 from 3pm – 5pm

Endeavouring to paint the natural world, capturing light at its most beautiful – in critical transitory moments between morning and afternoon, afternoon and dusk and then dusk through to evening – is something that many artists spend entire careers trying to do, with few succeeding.

John Waller is one of these few.

Using brushes, scrapers and palette knives, Waller applies paint skillfully – some may even say masterfully – creating works grounded in an empathy for landscape, where memory is made real by abstraction. Colour is the hero in geometrically finessed compositions that take us from the late afternoon and through to sunset as night settles in.

The world that Waller so intimately knows and paints is one where nature is both terrifying and beautiful.

(Image: Flinders Island oil on linen 144 x 144cm)